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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 2007Printer-Friendly
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Christian Foster Parents Freed from Promoting Homosexuality
AUDIO BROADCAST: Christian Foster Parents Freed from Promoting Homosexuality
Let the Bible Speak Radio
Dr. Alan Cairns

Here's a story to warm your heart a little, to give a little cheer amid what seems to be the endless advance of secular madness. Last week I reported on the case of a Christian minister and his wife in Somerset, England, who had big hearts for needy children and who had fostered many kids over the past six years. You may recall that the local authority decided to interpret current "Equality Law" to mean that Rev. Vince Matherick and his wife Pauline would have to promote homosexuality as an alternate lifestyle to their foster children. When they refused because to do so would have run counter to their beliefs as Christians they were told they would be de-registered. Their 11 year-old foster son was immediately removed from their home and placed in a council hostel. That was the bad news.

Now for the good news. The council's decision has been reversed in that the Mathericks may continue to be registered foster parents and they won't have to promote homosexuality to children in their care. This decision followed a meeting of the couple and local social services leaders. Andrea Williams of the Lawyers Christian Fellowship commented, "This is a significant step forward for Christian freedoms in that the Council has agreed not to force Mr and Mrs Matherick to act against their Christian beliefs. This should be of enormous encouragement to all Christians who want to take up the important role of caring for vulnerable children."

This is indeed good news-at least up to a point. There is no word yet that the lunatics in the Somerset Council's social services department are willing to return the 11 year-old boy they yanked from his home for the bleakness of a council hostel to the comfort of his loving family. One would have thought that such a step might have commended itself even to the zealots who removed him in the first place.

However, we may celebrate one small victory for decency and common sense. Hopefully the Somerset Council's social workers will act on the agreement made and actually place needy kids with the Mathericks. And hopefully this case will mark the first step in rolling back some of the egregiously stupid and wicked decisions that have been made in support of the Sodomite agenda-decisions not merely to protect homosexuals from assault by people who hate their lifestyle but to force public acceptance of that lifestyle as a perfectly normal alternative to a family built on a heterosexual marriage.

Expect a kick back from homosexual activists. Get ready for their cry of "discrimination" and "homophobia." They are so self-absorbed that they are willing to sacrifice the right of children who languish in soulless hostels to be received into stable families on the altar of their own perverted lusts. However, this case shows that good sense can prevail. Now we need to ensure that in every such case it will prevail.

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