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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 4, 2007Printer-Friendly
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Tony Blair, Religious Convert or Pervert?
AUDIO BROADCAST: Tony Blair, Religious Convert or Pervert
Let the Bible Speak Radio
Dr. Alan Cairns

The British press has announced that ex-Prime Minister, Tony Blair, will officially leave the Church of England and become a Roman Catholic. Blair's wife is a Roman Catholic and he had his children raised as Roman Catholics. It has long been expected that since he has attended Roman Catholic services with his wife and family for years he would take the final step and join that church. Before he left office, Blair met with the Pope and told him of his intention to leave the Church of England and join the Church of Rome. According to the Roman Catholic weekly paper The Tablet, the ex-Prime Minister will be received into the Roman Catholic Church in a mass at the private chapel of Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, the Archbishop of Westminster.

No doubt Rome will boast of yet another high profile defection to her ranks. Blair is the latest of quite a number of people who have left Protestantism and entered Roman Catholicism. Of course, it should also be noted that there is a steady stream moving in the opposite direction-priests, nuns and laity leaving the soul destroying darkness of the Roman system to enter into the light and liberty of the gospel of Christ. But, as I say, Rome will boast of Blair and he may even become a voluble evangelist for the Vatican and seek to use his celebrity to lure others into the Roman fold. Others have done this and Rome's most effective apologists are men, especially ministers, who were once Protestants but have repudiated their former faith in favour of Rome and her dogma.

To be honest, I cannot fault Tony Blair for leaving the Church of England. A more moribund, effete and spiritually useless denomination would be difficult to find.  The Church of England is an amalgam of ritualists, rationalists, revisionists (those who want to reinterpret Christianity to make it the vehicle for a godless political, environmental and social agenda) and evangelicals who are too weak to take their stand for God and get out of the apostasy of the national church. However, I do fault Blair for converting to Rome. He is not doing this out of ignorance of the truth. At one time, I believe, he professed to be an evangelical. That is, he had at least a head knowledge of the doctrine of the gospel. I cannot say how deeply he ever understood the truth of justification by faith in Christ's finished atonement and the imputation of Christ's righteousness as the only way of gaining acceptance with God. What I can say is that no man who has any regard for God's truth or the welfare of his own soul should embrace the Roman dogma of justification, because it lies under the clear condemnation of God (Romans 3:28; Galatians 1:8, 9). Any man who knows God's clear revelation on this subject and leaves it for Rome's evil perversion of it renders himself liable to the fierce judgment of God: "Let him be accursed." I fear for the soul of Tony Blair and for every other well informed or instructed Protestant who turns his back on the gospel of free grace for Rome's degenerate dogma.

Tony Blair and those who choose Roman darkness over gospel light are, theologically speaking, perverts not converts. May God in mercy deliver Mr. Blair before it is forever too late. Perversion and perdition are not far apart.

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