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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 5, 2007Printer-Friendly
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Christian Evangelist Killed As a Human Sacrifice to Hindu Goddess
AUDIO BROADCAST: Christian Evangelist Killed As a Human Sacrifice to a Hindu Goddess
Let the Bible Speak Radio
Dr. Alan Cairns

Here in the West we have become so comfortable with our lifestyle that we hardly take any notice of what is happening to Christians in many parts of the world. If we have to pay an extra penny in taxes or the price of gas goes up yet again we know about and we sound off against it-and perhaps rightly so. But why the almost universal disinterest in the mass persecution of our fellow believers around the world?

Consider the following headlines:  Baptist Publicly Tortured for "Spreading Christianity;" Religious Freedom in India Declining; Indian pastor Attacked While Escorting Believer Home; EU Passes Resolution Against Persecution of Christians.

This last headline is interesting. The European Parliament recently passed a resolution condemning persecution against Christians. I realize that by "Christian" the EU means all who call themselves Christians, not just Bible believing Christians. Nevertheless, their resolution is important because not only do all have the right to safety and security as they go to whatever church they desire but the reports before the EU demonstrate that there is a widespread attack by heathen religions on all whom they perceive as Christian. The EU referenced a string of violations of religious freedom including acts of violence and particularly mentioned countries in Asia including Iraq, China, Vietnam, Turkey, Pakistan. Gaza and the Philippines were also shown to be some of the worst offenders in persecuting Christians and violating religious freedom. Missing from this list is India which is one of the worst offenders on the planet against Christians.

According to the Global Council of Indian Christians, Vipin Mandloli, 27, was shot dead October 14, 2007 by Hindu priests who were angry at his conversion to Christ. Prior to his conversion Mandloli had fallen into alcohol abuse and endured a failed marriage but since his conversion was reputedly a new man. He worked as a shepherd and on October 14 he left home to graze his sheep on a nearby mountain in the vicinity of a Hindu temple. This was a new temple, dedicated to the Hindu goddess Kali, a particularly bloodthirsty idol to whom even human sacrifices are sometimes made. So when three Hindu Pujaris, priests, came and shot Mandloli with a pistol the strong suspicion is that they did so to placate their bloodthirsty goddess. In other words, a Christian was sacrificed as a victim to a Hindu idol. And all this was a just couple of months ago.

Where is the outcry in the Western press? If the press could find a case where a Hindu was butchered by professing Christians it would scream the story to the world. And I have no difficulty with their doing so. What is utterly reprehensible is their perceived indifference to the ceaseless and murderous campaigns being carried out against Christians. But then how can we be critical of the secular press when most of our churches and church members seem equally indifferent? It's time to wake up. Soon the persecution that appears to be confined to foreign countries will be just as rampant at home. I suppose that will get our attention!

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