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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 2008Printer-Friendly
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Baroness Paisley Tells It As It Is in the House of Lords
AUDIO BROADCAST: Baroness Paisley Tells It As It Is in the House of Lords
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Dr. Alan Cairns

Baroness Paisley, the wife of Dr. Ian Paisley, is a member of the House of Lords, the upper chamber of Britain's parliamentary system. Recently the Lords were discussing the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill and she took the opportunity to speak powerfully on the subjects of the creation of animal/human embryos, cloning and abortion. She denounced the measures before the House as being against the Holy Scriptures and noted that some leading researchers had abandoned cloning and embryo creation because with their ability to produce stem cells from a patient's own skin cells they looked on cloning as unnecessary.

Moving on to the subject of abortion, Baroness Paisley entered a strong objection against moves by abortion supporters in the British Parliament to force the abortion laws currently in use in England on Northern Ireland, where there is widespread opposition to them. She went on to describe the evil of abortion in terms that the House of Lords must rarely hear. She spoke of it as a "massacre" and as "murder" and equated it with the evil of slavery. Here are her stinging words of rebuke of pro-abortion forces.

She said that Northern Ireland would not be bullied into accepting England's abortion laws by "activists whose ideas and actions have brought about the massacre of more than 7 million innocent unborn children in the years that this Act has been in operation on the mainland. It is difficult to comprehend the enormity of this murder campaign, and how many scientists, musicians, doctors, teachers and business men and women have been flushed down the sluices of our hospitals and clinics. We hear complaints about the brain drain, but it never seems to be recognised that the surgeons who advise women and carry out their wishes are the people who drain the brains, together with the lifeblood, dismembered limbs and bodies and crushed skulls of their silent victims. I wonder whether the women who abort their children and those who carry out the gruesome execution of these innocent and defenceless living babies ever think that they are emulating Herod in the horrific campaign that he perpetrated on innocent victims in his day. It is heartbreaking to think that any man or woman who has sworn to preserve life is instead wilfully and systematically doing what only God Himself has the authority to do-sons and daughters of Herod indeed."

Man, that is strong stuff! But it is stuff that the noble Lords needed to hear. Too often politicians debate the issue as if it were merely a theoretical question. It is not. We are talking about real, living babies whose bodies and brains are being hacked to bits, their skulls crushed and their lives "terminated" at the behest of a mother or her doctor-not to save the mother's life, mind you, but usually to safeguard her imagined comfort level.

Uncompromising voices in high places are rare but sorely needed. The House of Lords heard some home truths about the vicious trade of the abortionists. I hope Gordon Brown's government will take heed. Britain prides itself in giving a lead to the world in its rejection of capital punishment but still allows the barbarity of executing pre-born children. It's time to change all that and make the United Kingdom-and, one would hope, America as well-havens of safety for the "poor innocents" whose blood is the shame of civilized nations.

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