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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 2008Printer-Friendly
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The Missing Link Is a Fish Finger!
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Dr. Alan Cairns

There's something decidedly fishy about this story.

The Times of London carried the provocative headline: Scientists find missing link-and it's a fish finger! Listen carefully:

HUMANS could be closer to pond life than had been realized. Researchers have linked a raft of our anatomical and genetic features with fishy ancestors that lived hundreds of millions of years ago.

They have found that the origin of human hands and fingers could lie in the emergence of a finned fish 365m years ago. Similarly, the sophisticated joints that give us the ability to run, grip and turn may owe their existence to a sea creature known as the tiktaalik that lived in the Arctic 375m years ago.

Even our acute vision may be a legacy of an even earlier ancestor, similar to a jellyfish, whose genes have been adapted to play a crucial role in the human eye.

"An entire tree of life, from microbe to worm, to fish and mammal, is embedded inside of us. We can uncover our past by studying fossils and understanding our DNA," said Neil Shubin, professor of anatomy at Chicago University

Here we go again. Lacking any sort of credible evidence of the reality of their theory evolutionists love to theorize on what "could" have happened millions of years ago. The origin of human hands and eyes "could lie in the emergence of a finned fish 365m years ago." The joints in our hands and feet "may owe their existence to a sea creature." Our acute vision "may be a legacy from an even earlier ancestor." This is what passes for science among evolutionists. To them anything "may be" so long as it excludes the possibility of a divine Creator!

We need to give the lie to the constant claim from evolutionists that our eyes and joints "could" have evolved from primitive forms. The reality is that they could not. Even Darwin recognized that the complexity of the human eye formed an impenetrable barrier against his theory of gradual change. The vast number of intermediate forms would still have left their bearers lacking our power of sight. In addition, in the evolutionary world where only the fittest survived, the gradual changes would have rendered the modified specimens less capable of surviving, not more.

We must also emphasize that no scientist has ever found any of the millions of intermediate stages between the fish finger and the human hand. They do not exist outside of the fertile imaginations of evolutionary scientists. We give no credence to their mental meanderings or their pseudo-science. We know the difference between fish fingers and human hands. The only connection is when our hands transport the fish fingers to our mouths!

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