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TUESDAY, MARCH 4, 2008Printer-Friendly
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Why Is World Silent on Hindu Genocide of Christians?
AUDIO BROADCAST: Why Is the World Silent on Hindu Genocide of Christians?
Let the Bible Speak Radio
Dr. Alan Cairns

Hindu fanatics have been launching one attack after another on any who profess to be Christians in the Indian state of Orissa. Their violent activities have been well reported and documented. Now they have issued an ultimatum to all Christians in that state: CONVERT TO HINDUISM OR DIE. Given the recent murders of Christians, no one can take this threat as anything but a deadly serious statement of intent. And such is the barbarism and fanaticism of Orissa's Hindus that we can be sure that they will do all in their power to put their intention into operation.

The local and state authorities have made no more than token gestures to contain Hindu violence. Those in authority are mostly Hindus, so you have the position that politicians and police are really in sympathy with the murderers rather than their victims. So the violence keeps on exploding and there is neither the political will nor the military muscle to put an effective end to it.

What is worse is that the silence from the West is deafening. Where are the great champions of human rights when you need them? We have people who will howl all day and all night about sodomites being denied the "right" to contract same sex "marriages" but they have not a word to say on the subject of Indian Christians being allowed to exercise their right to live.

The governments of the United States and of Europe do big business with India. Indeed the hope of the Indian economy depends to a large extent on getting along with the West. Yet our governments seem to be entirely disinterested in raising the plight of Orissa's Christian population. It is acceptable to raise the subject of human rights with the Chinese (though I must confess usually in a weak and ineffectual way-it appears that Western nations care more for their bottom line than for any great principle of human rights) but it seems that for some reason India gets a free pass.

The United Nations likes to pose as the guardian of the underprivileged. But have you heard any representations from that body on behalf of India's persecuted Christian minority? Again the silence is deafening.

Perhaps even more reprehensible than the silence of governments and of secular agencies is that of America's Christians.  Have we really descended so far into carnal ease that as long as we have our creature comforts we have little time or interest to spare for our brothers and sisters who are facing death at the hands of Hindu murderers? When last did you hear your pastor pray for the persecuted churches of the world? When last did you pray for them? Remember the Saviour's words, "In as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." That's serious. It says that how we treat the poorest of our brethren is really how we treat Christ.

Isn't it time Christians began to cry out on behalf of their persecuted brethren? Isn't it time we got the word to Hindu fanatics that the hunting season on Christians is formally closed? Why not ask the Lord what you can do, starting today, on behalf of your persecuted brothers and sisters?

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