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THURSDAY, MARCH 6, 2008Printer-Friendly
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Muslims Demand Freedom Here But Deny It Wherever They Rule
AUDIO BROADCAST: Muslims Demand Freedom Here, But Deny It Wherever They Rule
Let the Bible Speak Radio
Dr. Alan Cairns

You can hardly read a newspaper or listen to a news commentary without running into Muslim demands for greater "liberty" for their religious beliefs and practices. In the Netherlands a proposed law banning the wearing of the burqa in public on security grounds has to be modified so that the religious liberty of 50 to 100 Muslim women will not be violated. In Britain, Muslims are graciously "offering" the country's majority the doubtful benefit of shari‘a law-translation: we are using your liberal constitution to get what we want and once we get enough we will impose our will on you.

If you think my interpretation of Muslim intentions unlikely consider the following report. Egypt is a Muslim country. The United States holds it forth as a model for other Muslim countries to follow. It is not your usual Muslim dictatorship. No, this is a more enlightened land. Try telling that to Muhammad Hegazy. He was born a Muslim but converted to Christianity. However, when he sought to have his religious affiliation marked on his national identification card he found out that in law he was still a Muslim and could never be anything else. The law forbade it.

The judge cited the Egyptian Constitution which makes shari‘a law the "source' of all other laws and the basis of their interpretation. Judge Muhammad Husseini concluded that it violates the law for a Muslim to leave Islam. He found that Hegazy, "can believe whatever he wants in his heart, but on paper he can't convert." The judge further ruled that since Islam is the "final" and "most complete" religion, Muslims already have full freedom of religion and are not allowed to return to the "less complete" Christianity or Judaism.

This is Islam at work. Where in the Islamic world is there real freedom of thought? Where can a man weigh the evidence and decide for himself whether to embrace Christianity? Where in the Muslim world do Christians enjoy equal protection under the law? Even in a "secular" Muslim country such as Turkey, in the trial of the murderers of three Christian workers the prosecution is trying to lay the ultimate blame on the victims-they "provoked" the attackers by being Christians who dared to let anybody know they were Christians!

By contrast, the West is cosseting Islam and her extremists. The British government refuses to recognize a war on terror. It refuses to speak of "Muslim terrorism," calling it instead "anti-Islamic activity." To accommodate Muslims who have entered our countries we have agreed to ban or curtail legitimate and even traditional expressions of the faith on which our nations were founded-and while we do so Islam is systematically denying the most basic rights to anybody who rejects its religious tyranny.

Let there be no mistake. There are individual Muslims who are kind and moderate people. Not long ago I had the honor of speaking to one. But the religion of Islam has never shown itself willing to co-exist where it has the power to dominate. There are no exceptions. And yet liberals are falling over themselves trying to accommodate Islam. It doesn't make sense. What the West is doing is giving Muslims enough rope to hang us. And if they can, they will.
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