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FRIDAY, MARCH 14, 2008Printer-Friendly
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Bad Science and Worse Theology
AUDIO BROADCAST: Bad Science and Worse Theology
Let the Bible Speak Radio
Dr. Alan Cairns

The International Society for Science and Religion (ISSR) with headquarters in Cambridge, England, promotes itself as "the world's foremost scholarly organization devoted to the dialogue between science and religion." Recently it commissioned a report by seven of its "expert" members to deal with the claims of the Intelligent Design movement that has set evolutionists by the ears here in the United States. ISSR  notes that "there has been much interest in the view that our current scientific understanding of evolution is incoherent. According to this view, certain biological features, because they appear to be ‘irreducibly complex', could not have evolved by natural selection and therefore must have been created by the intervention of an ‘intelligent designer'."

ISSR adds: "This view has been challenged, not only by atheists such a Richard Dawkins, but also by religious believers. Among these are many members of the International Society for Science and Religion."

ISSR's Executive Committee has published the report on the issue by its seven members, each of whom is proclaimed as an "expert" in science, theology, philosophy or history. The report was finalized only after consultation with ISSR's members, who come from many countries and from many different religious traditions and academic disciplines.

The concept of Intelligent Design is, says the report, "neither sound science nor good theology." The authors do not attempt to specify precisely how they believe the religious believer can speak of God's action as creator - a question on which they may differ among themselves. They are united, however, in resisting what they call "the insistence of intelligent-design advocates that their enterprise be taken as genuine science - just as we oppose the efforts of others to elevate science into a comprehensive world view (so-called scientism)." Sir Brian Heap, the President of ISSR, who is both an endocrine physiologist and a professing Christian, said, "Here is a succinct critique with a valuable bibliography, though no doubt not the last word on the subject."

He is dead right. This is certainly not the last word on the subject. Parading "experts" is as helpful as parading a line of polar bears. Those who promote ID are also "experts" in the very same fields of science, philosophy and religion. What all ISSR's religious experts have in common is a desire or willingness to discount (a) the plain statements of the Bible, treating them as anything but divine revelation; and (b) any cogent argument that shows the inherent impossibility of the scheme proposed by Darwinian evolutionists. In other words, they come to the subject with closed minds, determined to make the evidence fit their prejudice.

The theologians they acclaim are not theologians at all in the real sense of the word. Theology can function only on the basis and in the realm of divine revelation. ISSR's theologians can never ascend beyond a humanistic construction of a god of their own imagining. Theirs is a god of their own devising. Their religion, whatever its name, is really idolatry. Their theology is bad theology and their science is bad science. All the "experts" in the world cannot change this. Unfortunately, however, their prestige enables them to press their bigoted views on the government to deny students in public schools the opportunity to learn both sides of the debate, which says a lot about the insecurity of ISSR and its experts.

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