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FRIDAY, MARCH 21, 2008Printer-Friendly
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Rights and Freedoms Saved for the Politically Correct
AUDIO BROADCAST: Rights and Freedoms Saved for the Politically Correct
Let the Bible Speak Radio
Dr. Alan Cairns

Earlier this week, I reported on a British court's decision to fine a Bishop for violating the "right" of a practicing homosexual to gain employment in a church job. Despite the fact that the law specifically exempts religious organizations from sex-discrimination charges, the Bishop's legal rights were trampled under the bogus rights claimed by homosexuals.

Here in the United States, Iowa State University has furnished another example of how selectively "rights" are recognized. In the Astronomy department of Iowa State University Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez has worked as an assistant professor and has established a stellar scientific reputation. He has published 350% more peer-reviewed publications than his department's stated standard for research excellence. He has co-authored a college astronomy textbook with Cambridge University Press. He has had his research recognized by Science, Nature, Scientific American and other top science publications. In 2004 his department at Iowa State University nominated him for an "Early Achievement in Research" honor. Add to this that Gonzalez is Hispanic, which makes him an even more attractive candidate for promotion in state organizations that proclaim their love of racial diversity. Yet despite all this, Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez was denied tenure. Not only that, but the Board of Regents refused to allow him to be heard in oral arguments and finally rejected his appeal.

So why would Iowa State University reject a man whose academic credentials and research record are beyond reproach? The answer is simple. He wrote a book, "The Privileged Planet: How Our Place in the Cosmos Is Designed for Discovery," which supports the idea that the world we live in bears evidence of having been brought into being by design and not by accident. On the basis of that book, the evolutionists in the astronomy department of Iowa State University and a number of their fellow travelers in other departments started an email campaign to have Gonzalez ousted by being denied tenure.

The University's Board of Regents has denied that Dr. Gonzalez's support of Intelligent Design played a part in his rejection. However, the head of his department, Eli Rosenberg, stated that Gonzalez's book did play a part. He went on to suggest that his research record over his six-year probationary period had put his appointment in trouble. The facts utterly confute Rosenberg's statement. The Gonzalez record was more than adequate to gain tenure. As the De Moines register found out from emails that reporters examined, the University's claim that his support of ID didn't play into their decision was patently false. The simple truth is that in Iowa State University evolutionism has gained such a stranglehold that even respectable scientists will be forced out if they question Darwin's theory. Then, having rejected such scientists, the evolutionists who ousted them will assure the public that "scientists" all agree. The falseness of that claim is that it stands on a prior belief that you cannot be accepted as a "scientist" if you don't agree!

The message from both Britain and America is plain. Rights and freedoms are reserved for the politically correct. Question the godless orthodoxy of the "scientific community" or of the current "liberal" social order and you will discover that your rights either have been taken from you or are in process of being removed. What proclaims itself to be a liberal democracy is in fact becoming an illiberal dictatorship, with its thought police patrolling every area of our lives. That's not an Orwell prophecy. It's here and now. Just ask Guillermo Gonzalez.

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