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FRIDAY, APRIL 11, 2008Printer-Friendly
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Anglican Bishop Heathen in Belief, Hypocritical in Practice
AUDIO BROADCAST: Anglican Bishop - Heathen in Belief, Hypocritical in Practice
Let the Bible Speak Radio
Dr. Alan Cairns

Michael Ingham is the Anglican Bishop of New Westminster in Canada. He has been called "controversial." He is that but he is more. He is un-Christian. To be even more plain spoken, Michael is basically Hindu in belief, a disgrace to Anglicanism and a shame to all the evangelicals who doggedly remain in the fellowship of that Communion.

Ingham wrote a book, Mansions of the Spirit: the Gospel in a Multi Faith World. Note the title and see the error that underlies its writing. Ingham addresses something that we are constantly told is a modern phenomenon, namely, that we live in a multi-faith world. We do. But when has the gospel ever operated in anything other than a multi-faith world? This has always been its challenge. The difference between men like our Lord's Apostles and Michael Ingham is that the Apostles used the gospel to deliver men from false religions; Ingham denies the gospel to create a false union with heathen religion. The Apostles were ministers of life; Ingham is by definition a minister of death for he will destroy and damn the very heathen with who he seeks union.

Writing on "Religious Pluralism," Ingham insists that for a proper dialogue between religions no one should adopt a superior stance. That is why "Pluralists agree that there are diverse paths to God." All religious systems are "limited and fallible," and God works with a "diversity of spiritual understanding." In dialoging with other religions, Ingham claims to reject not only exclusivism but inclusivism and pluralism, believing that to hold an anything would be unhealthy. So in their place he settles on a form of Hindu pantheism.

One evangelical Anglican commentator asked this question: "How does an Anglican Bishop manage to live by a form of Hindu Monism and at the same time say the Nicene Creed on Sunday?" That is a very good question. As an Anglican, Ingham recites the Trinitarian words of the Creed but all the time he holds that the basic reality is monistic-that it, his fundamental belief denies the reality of the Trinity. Monism is pantheism, a theory that ultimately denies the Creator-creature distinction. God is all and all is God. That is pantheism. And that is the basic theology of the Anglican Bishop of New Westminster.

Ingham is just one of a stream of disgraceful appointments as Anglican bishops. Back in the 1960s another Bishop Robinson wrote the infamous book Honest to God, trumpeting the "God is dead" theology-a denial of the Christian belief in a personal, sovereign God. Then there was the Bishop Jenkins of Durham who was a practical atheist, denying every distinctive doctrine of the Christian faith, including the resurrection of Christ. There's Gene Robinson the New Hampshire homosexual and now there's Michael Ingham, more Hindu than Christian. This Ingham is the Bishop who is threatening to suspend J.I. Packer and he obviously feels that his own position is impregnable. You can be an apostate in Anglicanism but don't dare to take a stand against its open wickedness.

How can Bible believers remain in a Communion that exalts such heretics to high office? Why would they want to stay in such a polluted fellowship? Why would any Christian want to be in fellowship with a bishop who is heathen in belief and hypocritical in practice? It beats me.

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