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FRIDAY, APRIL 18, 2008Printer-Friendly
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Arizona State University’s Mad Diversity Training
AUDIO BROADCAST: Arizona State University's Mad Diversity Training
Let the Bible Speak Radio
Dr. Alan Cairns

In January, Arizona State University ran a diversity training scheme in which students had to act out certain role models. As a resident assistant, senior Ryan Visconti had to take part in the charade. He was assigned the role of a homosexual Hispanic and told to visit different "life stations" and attempt to create a "perfect life." The stations included booths for housing, employment, transportation, church, jail and banking. At each booth, individuals gave Visconti scripted responses based on his assigned identity. He was banned from the Christian "church," forced to live in a "ghetto apartment" and allowed to choose between jobs as a "construction worker" or "landscaper." In his role he was told "his kind" wasn't welcome - that he was an abomination and an unforgiveable sinner. He pleaded to join the "church" but a woman with a Southern accent told him there was nothing he could do. She said he was going to hell, and that even Jesus said so in the Bible. For Visconti, that was too much. He was only playing a role, as was the woman, but he objected that the whole role-play was an "ultra-clear example" of the victim mentality and liberal bias that permeate ASU. "This is nothing but an ultra-clear example of what is being taught in universities today," Visconti said. "If you are a straight, white, Christian male, all of society's problems are your fault and you are privileged." He said the exercise suggested that only white males can graduate from college or earn big salaries - and everybody else in society is a victim of discrimination.

 "It crossed the line," Visconti said. "All it did was reinforce the most disgusting, hateful and ugly stereotypes in our society." Even an ASU associate professor who specializes in minority relations raised concerns about the activity. However, ASU Residential Life spokeswoman Diana Medina apparently saw nothing to be alarmed about. She said the role-play was designed to examine the effects of racism, classism and "homophobia" on different cultural and economic groups. What ASU did see a problem with was Visconti's objection and his statement of it to a newspaper. Four days after he had voiced his concerns about the diversity training program, he was placed on probation. His supervisors told him that part of the reason he was placed on probation was because he missed a different training exercise on homosexuality and gay marriage. He said he skipped the exercise because of his negative experience with the earlier activity.

ASU insists that the probation was based on employment related issues but it seems clear that the issue was that Visconti objected to the crazy role-play that the university employs to brainwash its students. For that is what all this amounts to-brainwashing. For anyone to stand up and object is unacceptable. Such behavior must be punished. The message is clear that anyone who does not endorse the liberal agenda and support the objectives of the homosexual lobby in trouble. What the role-play had the southern lady say to the Hispanic homosexual can actually be said with a vengeance to anyone who espouses Biblical moral values: "You kind is not welcome here. You are an abominable and unforgivable sinner." This is where ASU and many other universities stand. Sodomites welcome; saints keep out; you pollute the atmosphere of these hallowed halls of learning! Madness!

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