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TUESDAY, APRIL 22, 2008Printer-Friendly
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Tiller the Baby Killer
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Dr. Alan Cairns

In Kansas a prominent abortion doctor is facing nineteen charges in relation to illegal abortions-late terms abortions performed well beyond the limit that even our morally reprehensible laws permit. The doctor in question is George Tiller and he has been aptly labeled Killer Tiller by some segments of the media. The moniker is appropriate. Speaking to the Feminist Majority Foundation's Annual Women's Leadership Conference at the National Education Association in Washington DC, Tiller was caught admitting that he had performed abortions as close as one day before the mother's delivery date. Tiller showed footage of babies he had aborted, including those killed because they had physical abnormalities. One had an extra arm-and for that it was killed. Tiller knows as well as any that corrective surgery for such an abnormality is available but a small consideration like that would not stop him.

It is disgusting that Tiller was describing these horrendous killings to a bunch of women and they were not outraged. In fact, they were supportive of Tiller's crusade of killing. The crowd at the NEA event applauded Tiller's presentation and Kathy Spillar, vice president of Feminist Majority Foundation, even commended the abortionist's acts as "courageous."

The Kansas Attorney General has filed nineteen charges against the abortionist but has dumped thirty more charges that the previous Attorney General had filed. Tiller's late term abortions fly in the face of Kansas law but the sentence he is facing if found guilty on all charges is a jail term of up to one year and a $2,500 fine on each count of the indictment. Now think of this. Currently Michael Vick is in prison serving a 23-month sentence on a federal charge of facilitating dog fighting. He is also facing state charges for the same acts and could end up spending a lot longer in jail. Now, don't get me wrong. Michael Vick did wrong and the killing of unwanted dogs was reprehensible. He broke the law and he deserves to pay the price. But now consider an abortion doctor who has admitted killing babies late in their mothers' pregnancies, some even within a single day of their due date, and he is facing a grand total of one year or less in prison-and will probably get off altogether, if the liberal agitators have anything to do with the matter.

This is how corrupt the moral character of the nation has become and how totally skewed the judicial sense of values that rules in some criminal cases. You can do years in jail for killing three or four dogs (and I have no problem with that) but you can kill babies for years and make a large fortune out of doing so and despite your cynical dismissal of the rule of law end up with less than one year in jail. I have a big problem with that.

The nuts at the NEA meeting in Washington DC may think Tiller the baby killer is courageous. There are many words I could use to describe him but courageous would not be one of them. I hope that the Kansas Attorney General will get a dose of some real courage and now that there is evidence from Tiller's own mouth of his doing abortions up to within a day of the mother's due date he will charge him with the crime that he should be called to answer for-the murder of a baby whose right to live is protected by law.

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