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MONDAY, MAY 26, 2008Printer-Friendly
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Christian Principles Are Not for Sale
AUDIO BROADCAST: Christian Principles are Not for Sale
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Dr. Alan Cairns

When Connie Heintz signed on to work with Christian Horizons, a Canadian ministry geared to meeting the needs of the handicapped, she willingly signed the group's code of moral conduct as the basis of her service. It was a freely entered work contract. In signing that contract Heintz did what every other employee of Christian Horizons did: she undertook to abstain from immoral behavior, including pornography, pre-marital, extra-marital, and homo-sexual activity as a condition of employment.

But Connie Heintz did not abide by her contract. She entered into a lesbian relationship and she resigned and sued her employers, alleging that she was "subjected to a poisoned work environment" and pressured into quitting her job. Christian Horizons actually tried to help her find another job, providing her with listings of vacancies in other charities.

When her case came before Michael Gottheil, the single adjudicator appointed by Ontario's the Human Rights Tribunal, Heintz won her case. Gottheil ordered Christian Horizons to pay her $23,000 in fines plus two years wages and benefits. He also ordered the organization to abandon its Christian principles barring homosexual behavior and issued mandates that it begin requiring all employees to attend a "human rights training program" that is oriented toward homosexuality.

The Human Rights Tribunal ignored the fact that the moral code adopted by Christian Horizons did not single out homosexuality but covered all forms of moral deviation from God's law. In other words, heterosexual misconduct would also be a violation of the terms of employment accepted by all employees of the charity. Apparently, it is allowable, at least for now, for a Christian organization to terminate a person's employment for heterosexual misconduct but not for homosexual. In other words, homosexuals have "rights" that go far beyond those of heterosexuals, rights that trump even contractual agreements.

This matter concerns not only Canadians. Here in the U.S. the Gay and Lesbian Task Force and its fellow travelers are pushing for the adoption of the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). ENDA would mandate employer tolerance of all forms of sexual orientation in hiring, firing, promotion, and many Christian-oriented businesses (such as bookstores and radio stations) may not be protected by the bill's limited religious exemption. In fact, once the state goes this far it will not stop short of including churches. We will soon face the wrath of the state if our churches fire an employee because of homosexual activity. Our religious freedom and even freely entered contractual agreements will be overthrown just to protect the perversion of homosexuals who lie their way into our employment and demand to remain there, no matter how much it violates our principles.

One factor in the Canadian decision that we will have to ponder deeply is that Christian Horizons as a charity benefits from government funding. It seems that the state is saying, "If you take our money you must adopt our morals." If that's the case, no matter how it may restrict the work of Christian charities, we would be better to tell the state to keep its money and we will keep our morals. Christian principles are not for sale.

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