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FRIDAY, MAY 30, 2008Printer-Friendly
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Darwinism the Official Religion of Higher Education in Texas
AUDIO BROADCAST: Darwinism the Official Religion of Texas Higher Education
Let the Bible Speak Radio
Dr. Alan Cairns

The Institute for Creation Research has a history of well documented academic research and educational excellence. While it was situated in California, after going to Federal Court to turn back a denial from the Darwinist educational establishment, it earned the privilege of conferring Masters' degrees on students who studied under a faculty that boasted Ph.Ds from UCLA, Penn State, the University of Montana, Colorado State, Case Western and Indiana University. On its recent removal to Texas ICR Graduate School had to apply to the Texas Higher Education Consulting Board for a Certificate of Authority to grant degrees. The Board rejected the application despite the fact that a site team sent by the state agency to evaluate the educational offerings at the ICR Graduate School and the agency's advisory committee both recommended granting a Certificate of Authority. However Commissioner Raymund Paredes recommended against granting it and the Board went along with him.

There was no question about the academic standards observed by ICR. There was no question about the credentials of the faculty. The sole ground on which the application was turned down was the fact that ICR approaches the question of origins from a Biblical viewpoint. It is not that it does not teach its students the theory of evolution. It does but it also points out the difficulties associated with that theory. According to ICR's spokesman, going into the hearing, ICR Graduate School had revamped its offerings "to meet, and in some areas to exceed, virtually all of the AAAS Project 2061 Benchmarks (in science, mathematics, technology, etc.) and the National Science Education Standards." In other words, there was no sound academic reason for the Texas Board to deny the ICR application.

The only reason for the Board's decision was their blind faith in Darwinism. In effect the Higher Education Consulting Board decreed that the religion of higher education in Texas must be Darwinism. Christianity is not to be tolerated. Remember that all this took place while Ben Stein's Documentary, "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" was exposing the weakness of Darwinism to millions of people across America. By all accounts, in that documentary the Darwinists took a hammering-they are supporting an insupportable theory. But Darwinists will not give up their monopoly in the field of science education easily. Hence the Texas decision. Darwin's little puppets fear that ICR may turn out too many well educated science teachers who can give the other side of the story. Evolutionists have been losing the debate in the public forum and therefore are all the more determined to cut off a vital source for the education of science teachers that lies outside their control.

ICR will be back before the Texas Board. It's too early to say if they will once again have to go to court to obtain their right to confer advanced degrees. Hopefully the state of Texas will come to its senses and let Darwin's little men know that they cannot trample on the rights guaranteed to Christians by the US Constitution. Despite the efforts of Darwinists, Christians and Christian institutions have the right to free speech and free inquiry. It's time the Texas Higher Education Consulting Board stopped monkeying with those inalienable rights.

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