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FRIDAY, MARCH 28, 200815 years ago
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Homosexual “Families” Too Much Even for Some Liberal Baptists

Broadway Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas, has a long history of liberalism. Since 1979 it has been at odds with the Southern Baptist Convention because of the resurgence of theological conservatism in the Convention. It is a congregation that has accepted practicing homosexuals into its membership, without, of course, "affirming" their lifestyle! Accepting but not affirming-that's typical liberal doublespeak for utterly rejecting what the Bible teaches on the subject of homosexuality.

Recently, the church decided to issue a directory of its members, complete with photographs. Included among the church families were some "homosexual families." Remember, the church does not "affirm" the homosexual lifestyle-but those pictures were set for inclusion in the directory none the less.

For some members of Broadway Baptist Church that was going too far. They had put up with a lot from their senior pastor, Brett Younger, who has led the congregation since 2001. They had watched as he brought a noted liberal theologian to the pulpit and as he had welcomed practicing sodomites into the membership of the church. But seeing those "homosexual families" was more than they could accept. So they have rebelled, forcing the deacons to call for the exclusion of all photographs from their directory. In other words, the congregation is so divided, with an apparent majority in favor of including the offensive pictures in the directory, that the deacons decided that to reject the photographs of "homosexual families" they would have to reject the photographs of all families. Remember this is not "affirming" homosexuality as an alternate lifestyle to legitimate marriage. The more you consider the facts of this case the clearer it becomes that the ultra-liberals of Broadway Baptist want to do just that.

The result, as I have intimated, is a divided congregation. Opponents of the inclusion of the homosexuals organized a petition to the deacons with 162 signatures; supporters gathered over 200 signatures. The first group wants the pastor to step down and has prepared a list of complaints against him. Members of it even offered him $50,000 to resign. The other group commends him and calls for him to remain and then calls for reconciliation.

This is an issue on which a truly Christian church can have no division of opinion. When a church goes so far into compromise as to accept and affirm practicing homosexuality it must either be drastically changed from within and its liberal wing brought under discipline, or else those who have any regard for Biblical truth and purity must separate and either form a new church or join in the work and witness of an established church that is faithful to Christ and His gospel.

You may find it difficult to believe that a Baptist church would adopt this line toward practicing homosexuals but remember that the same thing is going on in just about all major denominations. Apostasy is rampant. Homosexuals need to be saved. We should love them for the gospel's sake, even as we "hate the garment spotted by the flesh." You can't do sinners good by denying the gospel for the undiluted gospel is the only thing that can lead them into the liberty of saving grace.

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