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THURSDAY, MAY 1, 200815 years ago
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Exposing Error a Hate Crime in Canada?

A Canadian Christian ministry that has spent the last 30 years exposing false religions, cults and "fads" in the church has had to give up its charity status. Evidently the Canadian government has decided that freedom of speech does not extend to charities and it deems efforts to expose the religious errors of others a form of "hate" speech. According to the founder of the ministry,

"We tried diligently to comply with government demands, transferring ownership of our website and magazine out of the Charity. We agreed to teach only Christian doctrine under the charity banner, with all the critiques of other religions done under a separate corporation. Surely this was enough! It was not. We now cannot present Christianity as better than any other religion. We cannot be ‘persuasive' when presenting Christianity."

Not only has the Charity been disbanded to make way for a Ministry Corporation that will be fully taxable, but the people who created the apologetic videos and literature that it has been using for years cannot take their own products with them into their new corporation. If they want them they will have to buy them, otherwise they will have to make them over to a charity recognized by and acceptable to the Canadian government.

I cannot speak for the standard of the apologetic work done by the Canadian ministry in question for the simple reason that I have not encountered it. But I can speak against government interference in Christian ministry. At the moment the Canadian government seems dedicated to the destruction of any statement or promotion of the exclusive claims of historic Christianity. At the same time it has allowed a leading homosexual activist to receive the nation's highest civilian honor. The recipient is the minister of a pro-sodomite church, the man whose actions led to Canada's decision to recognize same-sex "marriages."

This intolerant attitude toward Bible Christianity can only get worse. There are forces at work to make sure it does. Europe is as bad as Canada in its assault on the rights of believers to stand for the faith once delivered to the saints. Today, governments use the power of the tax-exempt status to coerce churches and Christian ministries into submission. When that fails-as it must in the case of all true Christians-they will proceed to the next step, the enforcement of hate crimes legislation against them. Soon quoting what the Bible says against homosexuals will be a hate crime, punishable by severe fines or even imprisonment. Naming false religion-especially Islam and its false prophet-will bring down the full weight of the law on our heads. This is where the madness of political correctness is leading.

It has already begun, not only in Canada and Europe. Even here in the U.S. there are disturbing signs that we are headed down the same road. Weak people will succumb for fear of being labeled "haters" but people with a genuine love for God and people will remember that "love rejoiceth in the truth" and will do all they can to expose the lies of false religion that are ruining men in body and soul and give those people the pure truth of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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