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FRIDAY, MAY 2, 200815 years ago
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“Jesus Loves Darwin”—the Faith of a Fool

He drives a 20 foot van with the key to his life passion emblazoned on its side. There is a heart and on either side the words "Jesus" and "Darwin." The message is clear, "Jesus Loves Darwin." Rev. Michael Dowd is not simply saying that Charles Darwin was a sinner and God loved sinners. No, he means that Jesus and Darwin are on the same page when it comes to the teaching of evolution. Dowd, who was once a Roman Catholic and then professed to have been saved or "born again," is a flamboyant preacher who is taking his message of theistic evolution to wherever he can find an audience. According to press reports he preaches it with all the fervor of a Charismatic evangelist. And he speaks with as little regard for truth.

Dowd tells his hearers, "The atoms of our bodies are literally stardust. The carbon and the oxygen and the nitrogen were formed inside red giant stars. The gold and silver and other heavy metals were formed in supernova stars that then explode with this tremendous metal-rich stardust."

Dowd sees his job as spreading a cosmological message: According to him, evolution is God's work. He sees it as his "responsibility to find more sacred, meaningful holy ways of promoting evolution." That has led him and his wife, science writer Connie Barlow, to embark on a nationwide crusade to spread his tale. And what a tale it is! He sees his version of evolution as "sacred" and "inspiring." Evolution does not progress as Darwinists have long told us by "the survival of the fittest." According to Dowd, "All of nature is in an act of holy communion. It's always saying ‘take, eat, this is my body.' It's not survival of the most ruthless, it's survival of the most cooperative. Mutual benefit is all throughout nature."

He has more to say: "Any God that can be believed in or not believed in is precisely not what I'm talking about. Do you get that? I'm talking about something that is undeniably real. Whether you call it God or not is up to you."

This is lunacy. It is poor science and it is lunatic religion. Evolutionary process has become Dowd's God. And to further the message of his idol he does not scruple to steal the words of Christ at the institution of the Lord's Supper and blasphemously attribute them to his imaginary evolutionary process-insinuating that "nature red in tooth and claw" (an evolutionary stand-by for years) is really the revelation of the true meaning of sacrifice and salvation. Not much wonder that no Bible believing churches have asked for his services. He has been limited to places like Unitarian Universalist "churches," which are not churches at all but clubs for all kinds of freakish, humanistic philosophy. However, Dowd did speak to a group of 125 "moderate to liberal evangelicals" in the Bahamas. Now there's a strange breed for you! "Moderate to liberal evangelicals." I know such groups exist and claim the name evangelical-they have just about the same right to be called evangelicals as Michael Dowd has to be called a Christian, which is none. Jesus does not love Darwinism. Jesus saves; Darwin damns. Between them is a great gulf fixed-and Michael Dowd is on the wrong side of that gulf.

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